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Cloud Voice Platform

SIP Termination & Least Cost Routing Platform
Designed for ILECs, CLECs, MSOs, & ITSPs

No Cost Cloud LCR

Imagine for the first time a vendor providing complete control, access, and transparency over its network. SIPRoutes was designed from the ground up to support customers wanting more control over and access to their vendors, without having to spend large capital and operational expenditures in order to gain what every customer wants - reduction of costs and increased quality and performance.

Voice Toolbox

SIPRoutes is a complete carrier access and SIP Termination control UI designed for RBOCs, CLECs, ILECs, CableCO, MSOs, and ITSPs. Customers select carriers in route from a list of nearly 50 facility-based networks, and via proxy route calls immediately in a normalized and controlled environment. Pay only for what you use in minutes of usage, the platform is absolutely free. No license requirements or minimum fees.

One-Click Access

Instantly and in real-time access directly via proxy all major US Voice Termination carriers.

Access Over 40 domestic and 8 international carriers directly via proxy. Every carrier is normalized. Interop with SIPRoutes once and you instantly have access to every major voice termination network worldwide.

Real Time Control Immediately include or exclude carrier networks. Control SIP Terminating routes down to the NPA, NPA-NXX, Lata, OCN, Rate Center, or State.

Create any quantity of combinations customizing your routing strategy to solve product, customer, networking, or end-user requirements. No one solution meets the needs of every circumstance. Access the tools to make those decisions in real-time.


Route More Calls On-Net than ever before. With nearly every major ROBC, CLEC, ILEC, Wireless, and Cable providers available, customers are able to increase quality by ensuring the highest chances of on-net connection, while driving costs down by removing unnecessary "middle-networks".

Carrier Inclusion/Exclusion

Nearly 50 Domestic & International Networks Available

We Provide The Tools, You Maintain Control!

Advanced Routing Features

The first ever cloud-based least cost routing platform. Customers have historically been reliant on costly on-premise high Cap-Ex equipment for routing configurations and Least Cost Routing capabilities.


  • Dual redundancy access for NPAC & CLNPC with FREE dipping services.
  • CAP Pricing Ceilings. Control the max rate allowable via profile.
  • Post Dial Delay timers and control options.

Voice Termination

Today with SIPRoutes there is a zero cost solution for efficiently routing Voice traffic. With access to an advanced and cloud-based routing platform, with access to every major VoIP network already integrated, customers maintain their control over quality and cost.


Configuration options include carrier inclusions, failover configurations, post-dial delay settings, maximum ceiling rates, and the depth to which the routing engine should attempt networks before failing back to the customer. All configurable real-time.

Carrier Inclusion - Choose the network or networks to access directly via proxy. Routing options include all Tier 1 carriers, RBOCs, the largest of the US CLECS, Cable Operators, Wireless networks, and Aggregators. Access nearly 50 networks directly.

PRIME - Access the lowest cost possible to each destination without any route advancement. SIPRoutes will 503 the call back for any failed calls.

Full LCR - Full LRN Least Cost Routing platform to terminate calls over the included carriers. Sorted by price, SIPRoutes will fail over and compete the call to the lowest possible rate via the networks included. This configuration increases call success rate and lowers cost.

MAX Rate - SIPRoutes will attempt to complete the call via the lowest possible rate. The configuration will not allow route advancement failover past the maximum allowable rate per minute to complete the call. Control costs, averages, and utilize for fraud prevention.


Route Block

Control carrier networks in real-time with micro-level exclusion blocking. Remove any network proactively or reactively for any destination.

Tracing Diagnostics

Full and real-time access to graphical tracing tools for each and every call. Tracing tools allow customers to see through the SIPRoutes network with complete transparency. Measure and analyze call data, validate and verify performance, diagnose and make changes proactively in order to increase quality and end user satisfaction.

Real-Time Call Detail Records

Real-time access to call detail and billing records. Query any date range, or specific calls, to access all relevant information to validate accuracy. All call records include from address, to address, carrier IDs, IP addresses, Profile IDs, local routing number, LERG information, rates and subtotals.

Business Intelligence Suite

Access a full suite of analytic tools to monitor usage, spend, averages, spikes, traffic patterns, and possible fraud. SIPRoutes allows data to be displayed in near real-time, allowing the ability to monitor usage and validate performance and cost savings.


SIPRoutes is based on a premise that there is an easier and more cost effective way to manage outbound calls. We continuously strive to provide you the tools and access to manage your quality and spend across the carriers of your choice.

SIPRoutes converts all methods of billing to 6 Digit (NPA-NXX) LRN.

No, our rate decks do not include taxes. However, if you are not tax exempt, your CDR will include all applicable taxes including FUSF and state and local taxes. If your organization is tax exempt and the proper forms have been completed, your rates will reflect the tax-exempt status and taxes will not be included in your CDR.

No. There are no charges for LRN "Dips." All calls are routed and billed via LRN.

Yes. We can provide you a test account. Please contact sales at 877-5060-SIP (747).

No. We do not require any commitments or any charges outside of usage.

SIPRoutes accepts 10 Digit, 11 Digit, and E.164 methods.

Yes. You have access to all the rates in real time across every vendor SIPRoutes supports.